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Some tips for game table and its arrangement

A table, which is specially designed for some games called game table. Some games are played on the table. Every game has some rules and regulations for how to play it. So the table should be designed as its need. Every table can different in size as well as in design.

There are many games, which played on a table in casinos. Such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat are played on the table.

Design and material of table are decided according to the type of game. In cards, the table can be either in square or in a rectangle.

Here we are presenting a list of some table games and their description-

“Billiards”, a table game- Billiards can be played in many forms of balls as well as tables. Carom billiards can be played on a table without a pocket. This table is basically covered by billiards cloth. The height of carom billiards is about ten ft.
“Snooker”, a table game- This game is played on a table which covers six pockets in it. Its dimension is just around twelve ft by six ft. snooker is played by a cue. It is a stick, which called cue. The top of the cue is called chalk.
“Chess”, a table game- This game is played by two players. It is played on a chess board which is sited on a table. The chess board is divided into 64 squares arranged in an eight by eight grid. Each player has 16 pieces.