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Ideas for your baby room decoration with lots of love

After wedding, the best day of life will be, when your newly born baby comes in this world. From last 9 month, the baby for whom you are waiting for will arrive and she or he will be in your hand, smiling, opening slowly eyes, crying, and feeling good when you hold her. The 9 month of pregnancy for women could be hard but on contrary the happiness for a baby is more than bearing any pain for the same.

In this 9 month, couples are much more excited to welcome their baby, for which they usually get engage in various ways and try to find different ways to welcome their baby. Out of those, the important one is baby room decoration. Baby when they are born, does not like much light so there should not be much light in the room, they like different sounds, so there should be different types of rattles and musical toys which are kept in the room, the room should not be dark, so the walls should be painted with light colour. Decoration like babies photo, family frame, sparkling star, different low volume lights should be use.

There are different themes which are used for welcoming baby like nursery theme, toys themes, playing area theme as well as for baby girl everything should be pink and for boy everything should be blue coloured them. But you should select theme which will be safer for your baby.