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Give an arrtactive look to your home entrance with door canopy

“Door canopy” in short we can say it a guard of the door. Canopy means a frame, which is assembled on upon the front door for protecting it from either rain or sunlight. There are many designs available in the market. The door canopy is available in several materials. The frame of this canopy should be very strong to protect the door from any weather.

There are many designs of the door canopies available in the market. In current days, we have many readymade canopies in the market. If you purchase it from any company’s dealer they provide some fitting facility also. The canopies are supplied with necessary fitting materials like plug, bolts and bolt covers. Companies provide either worker facility or instruction guide book with it. Some companies give guarantee also.

Here we are presenting some types of the door canopies-

  • Timber roofing material- Timber will absorb any moisture quickly. So it can be crack easily in every season. It needs repairing after a short time period. It will take the time to install.
  • Tile roofing material- In this type of material, we have several colors. It looks very pretty just because of color. But tiles can be broken easily.
  • Lead roofing materials- This roofing material gives a high- class look. It is available in many shapes. Lead roofing materials can be very much expensive for maintenance. It needs a very expensive repair. Its material is very heavy in weight. So it has many problems in installation.