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Extendable dining tables – a perfect solution if you have guests

An extendable dining table is the perfect solution at mealtimes whenever you have guests in the house. Such tables can be made of different materials like pine wood, veneer or a combination of wood and steel and even with a glass top. These tables have a central section that can be extended or they have folding ends that can be opened. Some tables can be extended when the legs can be pulled out at one end and then put back to its original size once mealtime is over. At times the extendable tables are very sleek and functional with a mechanism that can extend the dining table from a four seater to a six seater or from a six to an eight seater or even more. A glass top table can be extended by allowing another glass panel to be taken out from below the frosted table top with the help of a simple mechanism. These tables can be round, square or rectangular in shape. You can get your dining table polished with any finish or color of your choice like white, teak, light or dark walnut, mahagony or grey. The dining chairs can be either solid wood or upholstered with fabric or leatherette.

Extendable dining tables are very sturdy, durable and affordable too. The best part of these extendable tables is the ease with which they can be extended and folded back. So you can have your dining table looking clean and tidy after the table is folded back.